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London – Register now for 2017/18

Thistle™ Euston Hotel, Cardington Street, Euston, London NW1 2LP

 Intensive Weekend Level 4 Diploma programme  £2450 plus vat.

Are you struggling to take time out from work to study for your CIPS qualifications? Then join us on our intensive CIPS weekend training programme at the fabulous Thistle Euston Hotel in London. Each CIPS module is delivered via an intensive 2 day weekend programme, prior to each exam. Each unit is a stand-alone topic so you can start at anytime.

This mode of delivery will be of special interest to professionals who are unable to take time out from work but would prefer a classroom programme to distance learning.

London students are provided with all training materials prior to the start of the programme via our on line resource platform (Moodle). This allows all our students the ability to engage in a period of self study before each module begins.

An exam is taken on completion of each 2 day intensive workshop. Please see timetables below for programme and examination dates.

What we offer

  • Largest Centre of Excellence in UK
  • Fully qualified MCIPS trainers and practitioners
  • Exclusive ONLINE Course Notes and materials prepared by our tutors
  • Flexible training options- Weekends, distance learning
  • Use of multiple study centres
  • Additional revision webinars
  • Air-conditioned conference suites
  • Complimentary refreshments
  • Hot/cold Lunch
  • On-site restaurant
  • 3 Min walk from Euston Station
  • Excellent road and rail links
  • Flexible payment options

The centre has produced a very comprehensive and detailed report. Results are very good and there is a high quality of distinctions. Quality Assurance is very good and there is a strong commitment to learner progress and customer care.”(Source -CIPS Audit June 2017)


If you are not looking for CIPS qualification and would rather have a bespoke training package designed for you, please call our support team and we will be happy to discuss your procurement requirements.

Please note this is not an Exam Centre. Exams can be taken at your nearest CIPS Regional Exam Centre.

Call us on 0845 607 1770 for further details.


London CIPS Timetables

Full Day Classroom Sessions: 9.30am – 4.00pm

Module Intensive Weekend Programme
Exam Application Deadline Exam Date
D1 Contexts of Procurement and Supply  16.09.17 17.09.17  22.09.17  17.11.2017 (14:00pm)
D5 Managing Contracts and Relationships 26.11.17 27.11.17  01.12.17 22.01.18 (9.30am)
D3 Sourcing in Procurement and Supply  03.02.18 04.02.18  19.01.18 06.03.18 (9.30am)
D2 Business Needs in Procurement and Supply  17.03.18 18.03.18 16.03.18  16.05.18 (2.00pm)
D4 Negotiating and Contracting in Procurement and Supply  26.05.18 27.05.18  25.05.18  16.07.18 (2.00pm)

Full Day Classroom Sessions: 9.30am – 4.00pm

Module Intensive Weekend Programme
Exam Application Deadline Exam Date
AD1 Management in Procurement and Supply  30.09.17  01.10.17   22.09.17   17.11.2017 (09:30am)
AD5 Sustainability in Supply Chains  02.12.17 03.12.17   01.12.17   22.01.18 (2.00pm)
AD2 Managing Risks in Suppy Chains  17.02.18  18.02.18   19.01.18   05.03.18 (2.00pm)
AD3 Improving the Competitiveness of Supply Chains  21.04.18 22.04.18   16.03.18   17.05.18 (9.30am)
AD4 Category Management in Procurement and Supply  16.06.18 17.06.18  25.05.18   17.07.18 (14.00pm)

Full Day Classroom Sessions: 9.30am – 4.00pm

Module Intensive Weekend Programme
Exam Application Deadline Exam Date
PD5 Programme and Project Management  14.10.17  15.10.17   22.09.17    13.11.2017 (09:30am)
PD4 Supply Chain Diligence  16.12.17 17.12.17   01.12.17    23.01.18 (2.00pm)
PD1 Leadership in procurement in supply  10.02.18 11.02.18   19.01.18    05.03.18 (9.30am)
PD3 Strategic Supply Chain Management  07.04.18 08.04.18   16.03.18    17.05.18 (2.00pm)
PD2 Corporate and Business Strategy  23.06.18 24.06.18   25.05.18    17.07.18 (2.00pm)

These programmes can also be delivered in-house at your premises and tailored for your company. If you would like a tailored training programme or further information on our training please email: or call: 0845 607 1770

We reserve the right to amend or cancel any programme to ensure we meet with our own high quality standards. We will provide all students with as much notice as is possible.

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