CIPS Level 4 Diploma

What’s Involved

The CIPS new updated CIPS Level 4 Diploma in Procurement and Supply now consists of eight core modules of 6 or 12 credits.

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Although the number of exams has increased, the amount of learning you will have to do hasn’t. Existing students – please contact us if you have any questions relating to your study.

What’s involved?

As a student you are required to complete 60 credits to achieve this CIPS Level 4 Diploma qualification.

What are credits?

Credits are a way of quantifying the number of study hours needed to complete a qualification. 1 credit is equivalent to 10 hours of study. Each module is given a credit value of 6 or 12 credits.

Eight CORE modules make up the required 60 credits
  • CORE Scope of Influence of Procurement & Supply L4M! 12 Credits

  • CORE Defining Business Needs LM42 6 Credits
  • CORE Commercial Contracting L4M3 6 Credits

  • CORE Ethical & Responsible Sourcing L4M4 6 credits

  • CORE Commercial Negotiation L4M5 6 Credits

  • CORE Supplier Relationships L4M6 6 Credits

  • CORE Whole Life Asset Management L4M7 6 Credits
  • CORE Procurement & Supply in Practice L4M8 6 Credits


Your exams will be computer-based examinations from July 2019 and will be taken at a CIPS online regional examination centre. Our Lancashire head office (Accrington) has been set up as an online examination centre if this location is convenient for you, please speak with our study centre team about this and any other questions relating to your study.

In this qualification you will be required to complete a mix of Objective Response (OR) and Constructed Response (CR) exams.

Objective Response exam format (OR)

These questions allow you to select a response from a list of possible answers. You will find these types of exams across all our qualifications levels; they are marked by computer and then moderated by CIPS examiners.     

Constructed Response exam format (CR)

These questions require you to create, or ‘construct’, a response to the question, such as an essay or case study. You will find this type of exam in our diploma level qualifications and they will be marked by subject expert examiners.

Objective Response exams
Pass Mark
Constructed Response exams

Study time

Your total qualification time is 600 hours The TQT indicates the overall number of guided learning hours, additional self-study and assessment time that is required.

Guided learning hours (GLH) It is expected that you will undertake 250 GLH. The definition of guided learning hours is: ‘A measure of the amount of input time required to achieve the qualification. This includes lectures, tutorials, reading, cpd  and practicals, as well as supervised study in, for example, learning centres and workshops’.

Self-study requirement (SSR) Additionally, CIPS recommend that you also commit to at least 335 SSR hours. This includes wider reading of the subject areas and revision to give yourself the best preparation for successfully achieving the qualification.

Total exam time 15 hours. All the modules in CIPS qualifications are assessed by an examination. All the modules in CIPS qualifications are assessed by exams.

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