CIPS Training Liverpool

The Women´s Organisation, 54 St. James Street, Liverpool, L1 0AB

New CIPS Diploma Start Nov 2018….

Day / Evening programmes £2499/£2299 plus vat

Our Liverpool based CIPS training programmes are delivered over six half day workshops per module. This delivery will be of special interest to professionals who are unable to take full days away from work to attend classes.

Our Liverpool Centre of Excellence is based at The Women’s Organisation @ 54 St James Street, Liverpool is located in the Baltic Triangle between Norfolk and Watkins Street, Liverpool L1 0AB and is adjacent to China Town and Liverpool One.

This sophisticated conference venue offers our students exceptional levels of service in a professional and welcoming environment. (Please note it should NOT be confused with James Street, Liverpool). Students also have access to free wi-fi and complimentary refreshments.

This is also one of our six approved CIPS Examination Centres, for exclusive use by our students at no additional cost.

What we offer

  • Largest Centre of Excellence in UK
  • CIPS examination centre (exclusive to our students)
  • Fully qualified MCIPS trainers and practitioners
  • Flexible training options- Weekdays, evenings, distance learning
  • Use of multiple study centres
  • Additional revision webinars
  • Air-conditioned conference suites
  • Complimentary refreshments
  • On-site Cafe Bar
  • Excellent road and rail links
  • Flexible payment options

The centre has produced a very comprehensive and detailed report. Results are very good and there is a high quality of distinctions. Quality Assurance is very good and there is a strong commitment to learner progress and customer care.”

(Source CIPS Audit June 2017)


If you are not looking for CIPS qualification and would rather have a bespoke training package designed for you, please call our support team and we will be happy to discuss your procurement requirements


Liverpool CIPS Timetables 2018/19

Day Classes: 9:30am – 4:00pm & Evening Classes: 4.30pm – 8.30pm

Module Day & Evening Classes Exam Application Deadline Exam Date
D2 Business Needs in Procurement and Supply 28.11.18 12.12.18 30.11.18 29.01.19 (14.00pm)
19.12.18 16.01.19
D3 Sourcing in Procurement and Supply (5.00pm- 9.00pm) 06.02.19 13.02.19 25.01.19 12.03.19 (9.30am)
27.02.19 06.03.19
D4 Negotiating and Contracting in Procurement  27.03.19 10.04.19 22.03.19 21.05.19 (14.00pm)
01.05.19 08.05.19
L4M1 Scope & Influence of procurement & Supply  06.06.19  13.06.19 May 19 July 19
20.06.19 03.07.19
L4M8 Procurement & Supply in practice  TBC  TBC

Evening Classes: 5.30pm – 8.30pm

Module Evening Classes Exam Application Deadline Exam Date
AD5 Sustainability in Supply Chains  20.09.18  27.09.18  11.10.18  21.09.18  12.11.18 (9.30am)
 25.10.18  01.11.18  08.11.18
AD1 Management in Procurement and Supply  22.11.18  29.11.18  06.12.18  30.11.18  30.01.19 (14.00pm)
 13.12.18  10.01.19  17.01.19
AD2 Managing Risks in Supply Chains (afternoon 2pm – 5pm) 07.02.19 (aft) 14.02.19 (aft) 21.02.19 (aft)  25.01.19  11.03.19 (14.00pm)
28.02.19 (aft) 07.03.19 (aft)
AD6 Operations Management in supply chains  21.03.19  28.03.19  04.04.19  22.03.19  23.05.19 (9.30am)
 11.04.19  02.05.19  09.05.19
L5M4 Advanced Contract and Financial Management – new syllabus 30.05.19 06.06.19 13.06.19  May 19  July 19
21.06.19 27.06.19 04.07.19

Evening Classes: 5:30pm – 8:30pm

Module Evening Classes Exam Application Deadline Exam Date
PD1 Leadership in Procurement and Supply  27.09.18  04.10.18  11.10.18  21.09.18  16.11.18 (9.30am)
 18.10.18  25.10.18  01.11.18
PD5 Programme and Project Management  29.11.18  06.12.18  13.12.18  30.11.18  28.01.19 (14.00pm)
 10.01.19  17.01.19  24.01.19
PD2 Corporate Business Strategy  07.02.19  14.02.19  21.02.19  25.01.19  11.03.19 (14.00pm)
 28.02.19  07.03.19
PD6 Legal Aspects   18.04.19  25.04.18  02.05.19  22.03.19 22.05.19 (14.00pm)
 09.05.19 16.05.19
L6M3 Global Strategic Supply Chain 30.05.19 06.06.19 20.06.19 May 2019 July 2019
04.07.19 11.07.19

These programmes can also be delivered in-house at your premises, and tailored for your company. If you would like a tailored training programme or further information on our training please email: or call: 0845 607 1770

We reserve the right to amend or cancel any programme to ensure we meet with our own high quality standards. We will provide all students with as much notice as is possible.

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