I work for central government as a Commercial Manager, and relatively new to this area of work in September 2015 I started my journey to MCIPS and through Chamber Business Training.

The process of enrolment was seamless; I talked through my experience, previous qualifications and options with the staff with us agreeing to commence my journey on Level 4.

The training itself is coming to a close and has been a success thus far due to the support and additional training material which have been provided to me as a student. All of the staff at Chamber are welcoming and approachable, often sourcing further learning materials and aids to embed the learning journey for their students. The introduction of webinars in particularly has been a great addition as is their ability to seek and secure tutors that offer more than simply delivering a training need, but are passionate about the subject matter and that their students succeed.

Since starting this journey I have also been the Student Representative for my particular cohort, so I have been able to speak regularly and directly with Christine and Adrian, where they repeatedly seek to ensure the students are happy with their tutors, venues, training material etc and have at times gone above and beyond to ensure the learning experience has been maximised – it has been appreciated so thank you.

Ultimately would I recommend colleagues to use Chamber? Most certainly.

Rachel Nightingale
Assistant Commercial Manager
Home Office, Commercial Directorate, Capabilities & Resources